• All charges are quoted in Naira and are exclusive of 10% Service Charge
  • · Confirmation of the final number of persons attending an event that includes any food and beverage services must be given three (3) working days in advance.
  • · The charge quoted is based on the final number confirmed and may increase if the attendance of persons exceeds the number confirmed.
  • ·The host, organizer and/or the company will be held liable for malicious damage to furnishings, stains, broken operating equipment, glassware and tableware.
  • ·All events are expected to end before midnight. After midnight, a full extra day hire and service charge is levied, irrespective of the number of hours of extended use.
  • ·The number of hours’ service extension possible after midnight depends on whether the hall has been pre-allocated for a function the next day and needs the consent of the management at all times.

DISCOUNT POLICY: Because we are a not-for-profit establishment, the prices for all our services are already heavily discounted. However, a further discount of 5% is offered to guests who pay in advance for 30 continuous days for the use of any of our facilities (rooms, halls, vehicles etc). Payment made is strictly non-refundable.

POSTPONEMENT, CANCELLATION AND REFUND: Payment once made is non-refundable. However, the amount deposited may be used for alternative services provided by mmmHouse, or credited to you for future use.

MOVING IN-MOVING OUT: You should obtain an authorization slip from our Security Unit for furniture or equipment brought into or removed from the premises. Client must ensure that all equipment is removed immediately the event ends. Cars are not to block the entrance under any circumstance.

CATERING: For your convenience, we encourage you to use our in-house caterers. However, should you choose to use external caterers, corkage will not be charged. Your caterer is required to register with our front desk. Consumption of food and beverage is restricted to the venue of your event.

CLEANING: All clients are required to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. No caterer will be allowed out of the venue until our Security Unit has verified that the service areas have been cleared.

PARKING: Parking space is available to clients, for a fee. Vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk. We accept NO responsibility for the safety of any vehicles or its contents, whether parked in or around the premises.

CANCELLATION POLICY: There is no refund. However, payment made can be reserved for the future.